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Tooth decay remains the most prevalent childhood disease, and if not treated, can lead to poor health and reduced quality of life. Crabtree Pediatric Dentistry is proud to offer silver diamine fluoride (SDF), a non-invasive alternative to traditional dental fillings that decreases the likelihood of decay progression. Talk to one of our team members to determine if your child is a candidate for SDF.

What Is SDF and How Does It Work?

SDF, a solution made up of silver, water, ammonia, and fluoride, is considered a temporary solution to treat and arrest dental decay. Its silver component helps kill bacteria and prevents the formation of new biofilm, while the fluoride strengthens the tooth enamel and prevents further tooth structure deterioration. When painted onto a cavity, the antimicrobial and remineralizing liquid treats existing decay, prevents future decay, and decreases dental sensitivity. SDF requires repeat applications for maximum efficiency.

What Are the Pros of SDF?

Repairing cavities in young children or children with special behavioral or healthcare needs often requires sedation or even general anesthesia. SDF offers a conservative, quick, and painless treatment option to improve a child's oral health without traditional invasive treatments, including shots, drilling, or dental fillings. SDF is affordable, with only one drop of the antimicrobial liquid treating up to five teeth!

What Are the Cons of SDF?

It's important to note that although SDF decreases the likelihood of decay progression, it does not restore a tooth's function and appearance and will eventually require a traditional restoration when your child is ready. Moreover, one of the side effects of the treatment is that the areas of decay or carious lesions permanently stain black. However, the ease of treatment and its ability to prevent the progression of tooth decay continues to provide an excellent temporary solution to help treat many of our young patients.

Is Your Child a Candidate for SDF Treatment?

Not every child with decay or cavities is a candidate for SDF. This alternative dental treatment is not suitable for teeth with decay or infection that has made it to the nerves. Dr. Kristen will evaluate your child's unique needs and determine whether SDF is the best restorative option. Keep in mind that proper oral hygiene and limiting sugary or acidic foods are necessary to protect the tooth surfaces and ensure the treatment's success.

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