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Did you know that tooth decay is the most prevalent chronic condition affecting children in the United States? If not treated, cavities can cause pain, infection, or even tooth loss! Your trusted team at Crabtree Pediatric Dentistry is pleased to offer tooth-colored fillings to restore your child's beautiful, healthy smile!

What Happens If Your Child Doesn't Get a Needed Filling?

Unlike the rest of the body, the teeth can't heal themselves, so a cavity won't go away on its own. Tooth decay left untreated will continue to progress to the innermost portions of the tooth, affecting the pulp and nerves. At this point, a dental filling is no longer sufficient to repair the tooth, which will likely require a root canal treatment or extraction.

Do Baby Teeth Need Fillings?

You should take cavities in primary teeth just as seriously as permanent teeth. That's because those tiny chompers play a significant role in your little one's speech development and help with chewing and eating, ensuring proper nutrition. Moreover, they maintain the space needed for the proper growth of the incoming adult teeth and help guide them into the correct alignment.

Missing baby teeth prematurely can result in the surrounding teeth shifting out of alignment toward the gap, potentially leading to crooked teeth and a crowded mouth, meaning your child will likely require orthodontic treatment down the road. Repairing tooth decay and maintaining healthy baby teeth will reflect on your child's immediate and long-term oral health!

What Is the Dental Filling Procedure?

We will first numb the area using a local anesthetic to ensure your child is comfortable throughout the procedure. We may recommend nitrous oxide to allow for a safe, relaxed, and positive dental visit.

The dental filling procedure involves removing the decayed portions of the tooth structure and cleaning the site. Next is placing the tooth-colored composite filling in the cavity and using a curing light to harden it and allow it to bond to the tooth surfaces. The last step is making any needed adjustments, so the restored tooth looks, feels, and functions just like your little one's natural teeth.

Dr. Kristen always takes the time to explain any procedure to your little one. You may hear her say something like the following: “When you come in, I’m going to have you wear a silly nose that makes you feel happy and relaxed, and sometimes it even makes you giggle! Then I’m going to put a cold bubble next to your tooth to make your tooth get sleepy. After it’s asleep, I will use my special toothbrush to get the sugar off your tooth. You’ll get to watch a movie while I make your tooth super strong!”

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